Self Portrait, 2011

video loop, 30’, stills

The work was not conceived to directly analyze the self, it was constructed to act as a bridge between the individual and the masses. In this thirty minute video a self portrait is created and destroyed, it was documented to illustrate the contrast between creation and destruction. The video is edited down from days of modeling to a half an hour and finishes with the real time destruction of the piece, which in contrast takes less than a minute. If we open our perspective and place this act to a larger scale eg: Otakar Švec’s Stalin Sculpture or Kadhim al-Jubori's act on the Saddam statue we can draw a parallel between a crowd and the individual, between how long it takes for a social system to form and how suddenly it can crash, taking down its monuments and symbols. A parallel is drawn between historical monuments and individual art pieces. The project is also a reconstruction of a previously performed act by the artist and colleagues in their years of study.

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